Welcome to the Ultimate Gaming Tournament Series!

Connect, Compete, and Game On!

We're thrilled to announce an exhilarating series of gaming tournaments this fall, brought to you by Operation Experience – a 503c organization dedicated to fostering connections within the gaming community, supporting youth advocates, and bringing families together. Get ready for a lineup of intense battles, heart-pounding races, and epic clashes that will create unforgettable memories for gamers of all ages.

Join Us for a Gaming Extravaganza!

Operation Experience is excited to unite gamers, youth advocates, and families through a series of captivating events that celebrate the love of gaming. The tournaments will be hosted at the Night Watch Childcare Center, providing a safe and inclusive space for all to enjoy.

Tournament Details

Gridiron Glory: Back-to-School Clash

Mortal Mayhem: October Kombat Carnival

Turbo Tussle: November Kart Kollision


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