Welcome to Operation Experience, Inc.

The mission of Operation Experience is to provide enriching activities aimed at fostering a well-rounded life for children. The primary focus of the Operation Experience is to bridge the gap between children on the eastern shore of Maryland and essential resources. This includes a wide range of experiences and access to experts to address educational, health, financial literacy, goal-setting, and other needs that empower our children.

In addition to serving the children in our area, we recognize the importance of supporting the secondary audience of Operation Experience: parents and professionals working with children. We aim to ensure that children have access to high-quality community resources and that parents receive support for confident, safe, and effective parenting, which are long-term solutions to many youth-related challenges.

The pillars of Operation Experience are structured around four main areas:

1. **Establishing a Safe and Supportive Home Environment:** We offer parenting coaching to address various challenges, including single parenting, absentee parents, parental guilt, and financial literacy.

2. **Community Engagement:** We curate and share enrichment activities for families on the Eastern Shore, ranging from farmers markets to laser tag to children's museums, aiming to showcase the plethora of opportunities available locally.

3. **Advocacy and Social Change:** We collaborate with community agencies and organizations to host advocacy events, provide online resources, and form partnerships that enhance existing resources for the benefit of our families and children.

4. **Boosting Potential:** This pillar focuses on exposing children to transformative experiences that ignite their motivation and inspire them to reach for extraordinary goals. By instilling internal drive and belief in their potential, we aim to empower children to strive for greatness.

Through Operation Experience, we aspire to create a supportive ecosystem that nurtures the holistic development of children, fosters community engagement, advocates for social change, and unlocks the potential of every young person we serve.