Video Game Camp 

6-Weeks of Skills, Strategy and Team Buildling! 

Monday through Friday 830a-230p

Each program focuses on a specific genre of video games to help build interest, technique and community 

Hosted by Operation Experience, Inc., this summer, help your gamer explore the value of in-person gaming! 

With the fun and benefits of technology, there are its drawbacks. Many of our children are being diagnosed with ADHD and teachers have noticed and up-tick of disruptive behaviors. Our kids are in need of constant stimulation- or they get bored. And what happens when kids get bored? They find something to do! LOL! 

Let's get ahead of them!

Before they find something to do-- let's give them something to do. And not just anything-- let's give them a sense of community with something they love! 

Here is what we are noticing.... 

We hosted our first Video Game Club event last month. Our kids were in-person and having a great time. However, as one kid would win-- as they celebrated their success, the others would complain. As another would fall behind in a racing game and then just quit. 

How can in-person gaming be a solution?

There are certain rules and social cues within the gaming community when gaming with others, whether in the physical aspect or the virtual aspect. But through these interactions, we learn important basic ideals such as respect, friendly competition/ rivalry and so much more.

Week 1: Sports

June 26-30

NFL Street, NBA Street, Super Mario Strikers

Beyond the skill of the game. this is a great opportuntiy for kids to connect context to the real world. How realistic are these games? How applicable are the skills for real sports?

Week 2: Adventure and Story Telling

July 3-7 (Closed the 4th)

Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

Learn the parts of a classic story and work on  finishing something you start!

An adventure game is as entertaining as a good story or movie. One notable difference is the added immersion due to you being the main character and having full interaction in the story. Experiencing a story from this point of view will give great lessons in empathy while keeping the player entertained and engaged to see it through to the end.

Week 3: RPG (Role Playing Games)

July 10-14

Kingdom Hearts

Build a character, elements of freedom, finding your play style 

Imagine being the author of a story and it’s up to you to create the main character. That's how it feels to play RPG’s. While there are many different styles of RPG’s, we focus on that element of freedom. Give the kids a chance to stretch their creative legs. Showing them there are multiple ways to reach the same end result.

Week 4: Fighters

July 17-21

Tekken, Street Fighter and Smash Bros 

Fighting games and sports games have a lot in common with their lessons. Both have their own etiquette of how to interact and are just as informative and fulfilling whether you are winning or losing. 


July 24-28

Mario Franchise Games

For this genre of video games, we will focus on the skill of perseverance. There’s nothing like getting to the end and having to start over. Or spending so much time getting so far, only to mess up. Or even worse, messing up over and over-- struggling to make a small amount of progress. 

Side Scrollers

July 31-Aug 4

TMNT, Castle Crashers, Streets of Rage

Side scroller games all mainly focus on the same aspect; teamwork. Everyone picks a character that brings something different to the experience. And through that diversity, they all work together to achieve a common goal. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide meals? 

Meals are not provided. Please send labeled lunches. We do have toaster oven and microwave to warm meals. Snacks will be provided. Please alert us to any allergies. 

What if I need to drop off or pick up early/later? 

It is very important that we stick to the times for the camp. We are using a building that starts childcare outside of these hours.  However, if you need early drop off/late pick ups, you may arrange that with Night Watch Childcare. Fees for them will apply.